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2021 Series

Summary of Conference

Fundraising Day Wisconsin (a collaboration between the Greater Madison and Southeastern Wisconsin Association of Fundraising Professionals Chapters) is pleased to announce its 2020 Request for Proposals (RFP) for conference speakers. We aim to bring together the nation’s best and brightest thinkers, educators, presenters, storytellers, learners, and world-changers. 


Event Overview

Fundraising Day Wisconsin 2020 will build on its history, and it will include national and international fundraising superstars. Over 400 professional fundraisers and nonprofit leaders from Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin, and Illinois will convene to hone their fundraising skills, network, and learn from these thought leaders. These fundraisers and leaders represent over 200 organizations that include higher education, healthcare, social service, advocacy, etc.​


Selection Process and Deadline

All proposals should be submitted online no later than midnight on August 15. The Fundraising Day WI committee will gather together to make recommendations for the 2021 Speaker Lineup by September 15.


Speaker Expectations

  • Speakers are asked to present their experience to attendees in an engaging way.

  • Speakers are asked to provide all handouts and print materials that are of importance to their presentations.

  • Speakers are asked to provide their materials to the conference coordinator (handouts, slides, etc.) 5 days prior to the conference.  Materials will be posted to the event website immediately following the event.

  • Speakers are expected, to the best of their ability, to engage in the following activities while speaking at Fundraising Day Wisconsin.

    • Pre-Event Dinner with Sponsors (time commitment 2- 2.5 hours)  Transportation and dinner are included.

    • Event Morning- check-in at speakers room by 7:30 am for A/V check and introductions

    • Daytime sessions: present your sessions as outlined during the final selection between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.

    • Attendee Social Hour at the conclusion of the event 4-5:30

To better understand the timing of the event, please visit the 2019 schedule of events.  We anticipate making adjustments to the schedule to allow for a portion of the lectures to become workshops in 2020.


Accommodations Provided

Fundraising Day Wisconsin is proud to provide the following accommodations to our speakers.

  • Flight to/from Milwaukee International Airport.

  • Transportation to/from Milwaukee Airport

  • Hotel Accommodations the evening before at the event venue

  • Dinner the evening before the event, light breakfast at the conference, lunch during the event, and drinks at the social hour.


Personal Promotion During Event

Speakers are asked not to promote their personal business while presenting at the event. A speaker’s table will be located in the vendor area.  Speakers’ materials may be placed here. If the speaker has a book they would like to promote, they may include pricing details. Book sales may be done during breaks and during the social hour.  Speaker must provide a point of sale system and manage the sales themselves.



The Fundraising Day Wisconsin Committee has a total budget for speakers, not a per speaker budget. Your speaker fee should include participation in all the events listed above and an understanding of what Fundraising Day Wisconsin will pay for as listed above.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Join us for the 7th Annual Conference!


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